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I've written about values statements and how much I hate them. They're phony, I've said. They're never about the values that an organization actually holds, they're about the values the leaders of that organization wished it held. And those leaders stretch the values so far into the unrealistic ideal, that there's no way for the people in the organization to take them seriously.

Despite these misgivings, I've led my own organization through a process to create our own values statement. I saw then and I see now the benefits that come with identifying and clearly stating the values most strongly associated with success. If nothing else, doing so provides a reflection point for everyone in the organization to check their own thinking, behaviors and actions. At best, it can become a rallying cry for the people to embrace and move towards.

I write about our core values, the process we used for creating them, and the successes and difficulties we've had along the way. Here's an index of the related posts appearing on this blog:

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Current vs. Aspirational Values Statements

04/02/12 - Every Organization Needs Two Values Statements
I have a confession to make. I've always hated values statements. I hate them because they're fake. And being fake, they too often undermine the very purpose they were created to fulfill.

How I Developed a Values Statement for My Organization

07/08/13 - Accepting the Value of Values Statements
It was more than a year ago that I wrote about values statements and how much I hated them. They're phony, I said. Well, guess what? Shortly after I wrote that post, I started working towards a values statement for my own association.

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