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If you followed me when I blogged at The Hourglass Blog, you know that I previously chaired the Innovation Task Force of the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives (WSAE), and was the lead author on the White Paper on Innovation for Associations that the Task Force published.

Building on that foundation, WSAE launched something called Innovation Circles: informal professional networks where people interested in exploring innovative approaches to specific issues do so and share their experiences with the broader community.

I led one on Member Engagement. It was a focus that arose directly from the challenges facing my own association. When I came into the President/CEO position, I inherited an association that was already benefiting from high levels of engagement among a group of leaders on our Board of Directors and our key committees. And much of the success we experienced was a direct result of their dedication to our mission and their involvement in our activities. However, we came to realize that we were not building an appropriate pipeline of engaged members who were ready to step into the leadership positions of the future. As a result, our momentum slowed, and we started looking for ways to engage a broader pool of our members in our activities and the strategic and operational mechanisms that determine and create them.

The Innovation Circle was an opportunity to share ideas with peers who were facing some of the same challenges. We met roughly every other month by conference call to share war stories and help each other brainstorm possible solutions to specific challenges. For me, the result was ten member engagement solutions I was able to blog about (see index below) and apply in varying capacities to my organization. I also had an opportunity to share some of my ideas and lessons learned in a couple of webinars--the first archived here, the second recorded specifically for this blog here.

I think it's safe to say that given the generational, technological and economic changes that are actively reshaping our environment, the question of keeping members engaged in building productive leadership capacity for our organizations is one of the central challenges most of us are facing. As I continue to tackle this issue for my own association, I'll use this blog as an opportunity to share information and add even more voices into the conversation.

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