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In February 2009 Jamie Notter and I launched The Hourglass Blog. We did so in order to explore a specific issue related to generational change in the workplace--namely the impact those changes would have and were having on leadership in our organizations and organizations like them. As members of Generation X, we were interested in documenting the changes our generation would bring to our leadership environment as we moved into positions of authority in greater and greater numbers.

Over nearly three years, we explored many facets of this issue--and I personally learned a lot about generations and the frequent hype that surrounds them. We chose the hourglass as the symbol for the blog both because GenX is sometimes called the Hourglass Generation (pinched, if you will, between two larger generations) and because we were sensitive to the time-limited nature of the topic we were exploring. There would come a day, we knew, when the changes GenX could or could not bring to our society would no longer be a matter of speculation or challenge. One way or the other, they would be an established fact.

Although we stopped publishing on The Hourglass Blog in December 2011, generation-specific workplace issues and leadership styles continue to be an interest area of mine. Here's an index of posts related to generations that appear on this blog:

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