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I have a fascination with the topic of innovation. Specifically innovation in the association environment, and especially what the association community can learn about innovation from the for-profit sector.

As the President/CEO of a national trade association, I operate daily on the sometimes nebulous border between the non-profit objectives of my association and the for-profit objectives of the member companies we serve. And it was their interest and expertise in for-profit innovation that first prompted my interest in association innovation.

In part as a result, I volunteered to chair the Innovation Task Force of the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives (WSAE), a group of association professionals that attempted to define an evidence-based model of innovation for the association community. In this capacity, I was the lead author on a White Paper on Association Innovation that identified principles of innovation from the for-profit community, barriers in the association world to adopting those principles, and the unique advantages that associations have that, if better leveraged, could allow them to adopt more innovative practices.

I continue to blog about innovation in associations. Here's an index of the innovation posts appearing on this blog:

12/05/16 - Stop Calling It Failing
10/03/16 - Education Is Not Enough
05/23/16 - The Truly Honest Attrition Clause
02/08/16 - Why the Wild West Isn't All Bad
12/07/15 - Innovating the Lean Startup Way
04/13/15 - Listen to the Outsider
01/26/15 - Is Your Association a Skunk Works for Your Industry?
10/20/14 - What Makes for an Innovative Idea?
10/13/14 - The Importance of Sharing Survey Results
07/07/14 - Does Your Board Act as Your Innovation Committee?
03/31/14 - Being Data Driven Is Harder Than It Sounds
03/24/14 - Who's Your "Lead User" Community?
03/10/14 - Scavenger Hunts and Industry Knowledge, Part 2
03/03/14 - Scavenger Hunts and Industry Knowledge
02/17/14 - Look (and Understand) Before You Leap
01/27/14 - Putting Something Unfinished Out There
01/13/14 - Engaging Members in Your Development Process
12/16/13 - Capturing Useful Intelligence
12/02/13 - You Are Not Innovative
11/04/13 - What If I Make a Mistake?
10/07/13 - Burn Your Own Box
07/01/13 - When Red Lights Mean Go
04/22/13 - We Can Only See the Destination By Moving Towards It
03/11/13 - A Faster Horse
12/17/12 - Too Many Surveys
09/24/12 - Things We Must Do
08/28/12 - Association Superfans
08/13/12 - Are You One of the 83%?
07/30/12 - Why We Don't Take Risks
07/09/12 - Too Many Choices
06/04/12 - Association Concept Cars
04/16/12 - Taking Risks to Avoid Loss
02/06/12 - No One Knows How to Make a Computer Mouse
01/30/12 - The Mind of the Community
01/16/12 - The Right Way to Use Expert Speakers
12/26/11 - It's Not Innovation If It Only Serves You
12/19/11 - Innovation Does Not Happen Online
11/28/11 - Film Directing Lessons in Innovation and Leadership
11/07/11 - Secrets of Innovation
10/24/11 - Why Innovation Is Hard
10/17/11 - The Chief Detail Officer
10/10/11 - Help the Customer Succeed
09/12/11 - There Is No Recipe for Innovation
09/05/11 - Recipes for Innovation

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