Monday, August 10, 2015

Are You Excited About What Comes Next?

You'd better be. As your association's CEO, it's your job to be excited about what comes next. Look around, find the new thing that needs to be done, and use your own enthusiasm and influence to get others invested in accomplishing it. That's what CEOs do.

So here's a tip. If you ever find yourself in a position that you're not excited what comes next, you know it's time for you to step aside. Your organization needs an enthusiastic and excited change agent at its very top, and if you can't be that person, than you owe it to your staff and your members to step aside and allow someone who is excited about the future to take the reins.

Are you excited about what comes next? I am. If you are, too, then you might want to do more to show others that you are. You wouldn't want them to assume that you've checked out.

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This post was written by Eric Lanke, an association executive, blogger and author. For more information, visit, follow him on Twitter @ericlanke or contact him at

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