Monday, July 11, 2016

Decide Despite the Doubt

Here's a secret.

Leaders are filled with doubt.

Why? Because their world is not linear. There is no outline or project plan for them to follow. Their world is comprised of an ever-growing number of spinning wheels, some intersecting with others, some spinning in narcissistic isolation, but all demanding attention.

In that environment, it's not always possible to predict the consequences of any decision. Nor even to fully understand the needed inputs. When they decide (if they decide at all, because the worst leaders don't) they're still doubting the wisdom of their decision.

But deciding is what makes them good leaders. Frequently, the results of their decision are a secondary factor in determining their worth as leaders. What matters is deciding.

They decide despite the doubt.

Do you?

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This post first appeared on Eric Lanke's blog, an association executive and author. You can follow him on Twitter @ericlanke or contact him at

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